Facebook Insights Simplified

Analytics everyone will understand.

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Your Most Important Metrics

Providing vital social media enhancement information for your business.

We provide your business with vital information and easy tweaks to enhance your social media strategy.

  • Best content type
  • Most engaging posts
  • Audience behavior

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Understanding Your Users

Learn what users are saying right now and what they like. See where your users are and track how your customer base is changing over time.

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • Your influencers

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Powerful Results

Receive helpful tips and valuable recommendations, including improving your social media strategy and weekly reports.

  • Helpful tips and recommendations
  • Improve your social media strategy
  • Weekly or monthly reports

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We Analyze It - You Understand It

For a limited time, BOMAH is offering businesses a free report to understand everything Facebook.

The Brand of Milk and Honey is a consulting agency dedicated to social media strategy through digital storytelling. We empower startups and companies to share their stories effectively – and to make the most of every post.

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